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Plaster Cornice

Product Code: PCO101
Small Run Georgian
Wall Depth: 123mm
Ceiling Projection: 108mm
Length: 3000mm
Unit Price: £46.50

Small Run Georgian Plaster Cornice PCO101

Product Code: PCO102
Large Run Georgian
Wall Depth: 245mm
Ceiling Projection: 220mm
Length: 3000mm
Unit Price: £66.00

Plaster Cornice, PCO102

Product Code: PCO103
Small Accanthus
Wall Depth: 108mm
Ceiling Projection: 94mm
Length: 2400mm
Unit Price: £36.00

Plaster Cornice, PCO103

Product Code: PCO104
Small Egg & Dart
Wall Depth: 45mm
Ceiling Projection: 75mm
Length: 2610mm
Unit Price: £33.60

Plaster Cornice, PCO104

Product Code: PCO105
Small Plain Run
Wall Depth: 100mm
Ceiling Projection: 102mm
Length: 2400mm
Unit Price: £33.60

Plaster Cornice, PCO105

Product Code: PCO106
Large Dental
Wall Depth: 180mm
Ceiling Projection: 98mm
Length: 2575mm
Unit Price: £55.50

Plaster Dental Cornice, PCO106

Product Code: PCO108
Art Deco
Wall Depth: 120mm
Ceiling Projection: 55mm
Length: 2370mm
Unit Price: £27.00

Plaster Cornice, PCO108 Art Deco Cornice

Product Code: PCO109
Large Acanthus
Wall Depth: 159mm
Ceiling Projection: 143mm
Length: 2850mm
Unit Price: £43.20

Plaster Cornice, PCO109 Acanthus Cornice

Product Code: PCO110
Water Leaf
Wall Depth: 147mm
Ceiling Projection: 100mm
Length: 2920mm
Unit Price: £38.40

Plaster Cornice, PCO110 Water Leaf Cornice

Product Code: PCO111
Wall Depth: 112mm
Ceiling Projection: 97mm
Length: 2820mm
Unit Price: £31.80

Plaster Cornice, PCO111 Plaster Cornice, Rose

Product Code: PCO112
Plain Run
Wall Depth: 125mm
Ceiling Projection: 125mm
Length: 2800mm
Unit Price: £46.80

Plain Cornice, PCO112

Product Code: PCO113
Plain Run
Wall Depth: 93mm
Ceiling Projection: 109mm
Length: 2800mm
Unit Price: £37.50

Plain Plaster Cornice, PCO113

Product Code: PCO114
Plain Run
Wall Depth: 124mm
Ceiling Projection: 104mm
Length: 2800mm
Unit Price: £37.50

Plaster Cornice, PCO114

Product Code: PCO115
Plain Run
Wall Depth: 128mm
Ceiling Projection: 128mm
Length: 2800mm
Unit Price: £37.50

Plain Cornice, PCO115

All prices are subject to V.A.T @ 20%. Delivery maybe subject to a delivery charge.

All measurments given are approximate.