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Internal Lime Plaster, Lath and Plaster

Reinstating Vaulted Ceilings. Birmingham Town Hall

Lime Plastering, 04 Lime Plastering, Vaulted Ceilings

The original ceilings and walls were surveyed. Positioning dots were placed in strategic places to give an accurate level for the finished surface. The markings out (ashlar) on both the walls and ceilings were all drawn to scale so that we could reposition them in the correct places. A profile of the birds mouth (splayed angle) was taken so that they could be re-run in situ.
A section of the original ceiling was to be kept for historical purposes. The works that we undertook here was split into two sections. One a trowel finish (smooth) the other was to be marked out to represent stone work (ashlar) this was to be textured.

Lime Plastering, 08

Material: Lime putty (fat lime) and sand mortar with natural hair in the backing coats

Three Coat Lime Plaster. Beaconsfield

Lime Plastering, 01
Lime Plastering, 02

This project took place with the church remaining open, for normal service. The work area was cleared of the pews and all the surrounding area was suitably protected. This included screening the whole area off from the rest of the church, to prevent dust and noise from intruding into the main area.

Material: Natural hydraulic lime and sand mortar with hair reinforcement

Lath and Plaster. Warwick and Herefordshire

Picture left shows riven laths that have been fixed to the exterior of a timber framed building and is in the process of receiving its first of three coats of a lime rendering. Once the rendering has been finished and sufficient carbonation has taken place it will be lime washed.
Lath and  Plaster
The picture right shows a damaged ceiling in Hereford prior to us removing the old laths, replacing them with
new , applying 3 coats of lime plaster and then lime washing them.
Lath and  Plaster. 01
Material: Split oak laths, natural hydraulic lime and sand plaster
with hair reinforcement
Material: Split oak laths, lime putty (fat lime) and sand mortar with natural hair in the backing coat