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Earth Construction and Insulation

Cob, Wattle and Daub are used the world over. They are both environmently sound and practical building methods. With all forms of construction using earth, water must be prevented from penatrating its outer shell.. With the climate in this country this is achived by a large overhanging roof, a plinth and a line render and/or lime wash.

Wattle and Daub. Shropshire

Wattle and Daub, 009

Picture right shows a damaged wattle and daub panel before it was repaired.

Wattle and Daub, 001
Wattle and Daub, 003 Wattle and Daub, 007

The infill panels to this internal timber framing were Wattle and Daub. The wattle had been attacked by both rot and beatle. All the daub was removed and reconstituted so that it could be re-applied to new oak staves with split oak laths woven around them. Once the daub had been applied a lime finishing plaster was added, then lime washed.

Material: Split oak, original daub, lime putty (fat lime) and sand mortar


Insulation,005 Insulation

As the brick infill to the exterior walls is only 4” the transfer of cold can be considerable. The addition of an insulating woodfibre board to the inside face will reduce this. Once the board has been fixed, it can then be plastered to leave the desired finish. This system is both breathable and environmentally friendly.