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External Lime Plastering

Exterior lime plastering (render) is mainly used to cover up poor quality brick and stone work. It is used to decorate and to protect the structure. Decorative work includes pargetting, solid run mouldings, stucco, ashlar.

Shelter Coat. Worcestershire

Plaster, Lime render
Lime Render, Shelter Coat, 05
Lime Plaster, Shelter Coat

To help protect the integrity of this church tower from the elements. A hydraulic lime render was applied. The final coat was given a scrape finish to achieve the desired effect. This was then all lime washed.

Material: Natural hydraulic lime and sand plaster with hair reinforcement, lime washed

3 Coat Lime Render. Yoxall

This is a 3 coat lime render that has been applied to brickwork. The plinth was worked down to a 25mm stainless steel render stop, which forms a drip. The render was finished with a wooden float to a plain faced finish.

Lime Render, 01

Material: Natural hydraulic lime and sand mortar with hair reinforcement

Lime Plaster, 02