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Fibrous Plaster Mouldings.

This type of plaster mouldings is the most common today. Although all the pieces are still handmade. They are produced with the comforts and facilities that a workshop can offer, resulting in less time spent on site.

Bespoke Plaster Mouldings. Sutton Coldfield

Plaster Cornice Plaster Mouldings

All the plaster mouldings for this project were made and fixed to a set of drawings (plaster cormice, plaster lighting trough and fibrous plaster ceilings ). A section of which have been included right. We also supplied and fixed the timber framing which the mouldings were fixed to.

Material: Plaster of paris jute and timber reinforcement

Restoration Of Ornamental Plaster Ceiling. Birmingham City Centre.

These ceilings were damaged when a suspended ceiling was installed in the 1960's. The method used for fixing the new suspended ceiling created large holes through the original. The symmetry of the original plaster ceiling allowed for the pieces left to be copied. The copies were then used to fill in the damaged areas.

Plaster Mouldings restoration
Plaster Ceiling. fibrous plaster mouldings

Material: Plaster of paris jute and timber reinforcement