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Polished Plaster & Plaster Repairs

Plaster Repair Work

  Plaster  Repairs, plaster of paris Plaster  Repairs, 03  

Small scale repair and re-modelling work to a statue after it was vandalised in a church. The repairs that can be seen on this photo are the cross on the orb, the thumb, index and fore finger that is giving the blessing, along with some of the palm of his hand where the reinforcement for the fingers and thumb run through.

Materials: Plaster of Paris

Plaster  Repairs, 05   Plaster  Repairs, 04

The freeze had to be re-fixed after it had been carefully removed and stored to enable structural work to be undertaken. Some new panels also had to be made to accommodate the new room lay out. Pieces were also made good by hand in situ using gauged lime putty.

Materials: Plaster of Paris, lime putty


Polished Plaster

This effect was achieved by using a range of specially formulated plasters and pigments that can be applied to a suitably prepared ceiling or wall

  Polished Plaster