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Internal Run Mould in Position

As with all highly decorative plaster work it was used to show the wealth and status of an individual or establishment. This also was true with the rooms that they were used in. The more important the room, the more elaborate and grand they were.



Plaster Cornice, 03 Plaster Cornice, 02
Plaster Cornice, 04 Plaster mouldings, 01

The plaster cornices above are in Waterstones Birmingham City Centre

All these cornices were made to match the original. With the larger cornices they were made up using scotch brackets. This system saves both materials and weight They were run in-situ and finished with gauged lime putty. The mitres were then made good.
The enrichment was cast then fixed into position and the joints made good. This is the same method as originally used.

Lime Cornice, 06 Lime Cornice, 07

Materials: Split oak lath, sand and lime mortar, hair, plaster of Paris, lime putty