Redshaw's Conservation
Tel: 0121 377 6598
We offer lime mortar, pre mixed. For both building and plastering. Using mature fat lime (lime putty) Apart from our standard range, we can mix a mortar to your specification or to match an existing plaster or mortar. We also have the facilities to reconsitute some mortars, plasters, earth plasters and cob, so that they can be reused.
We stock Riven Chestnut and Oak laths for plastering, natural hair reinforcement and a variety of plaster mouldings, Hydrolic lime and sand e-mail us for details


Redshaw's is based in the Midlands and offer an environmently friendly building service. We are specialists in the restoration and conservation of historic buildings and monuments, using traditional methods. we will undertake work throughout the UK and offer a friendly, clean and efficient service that is focused to both the requirements of the client and needs of the building to maintain its integrity. Our aim is at all times to produce the highest quality of work.