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External Run Mouldings in Position

Externaliy run mouldings. These are mainly decorative though they still have some practical purpose. The main one being, shedding water away from the face of the building. Most of these mouldings follow a set design, and are sized using one pre-determined measurement. This ensures that scale and proportion are kept.

Lime render and run in situ mouldings. Northamptonshire

These set of five pictures show a portico that was suffering water damage, mainly from a leaking roof and rainwater outlet. Over the years as with so many structures it had been patched. The majority of this with sand and cement.
With this project we first surveyed it, then made patterns for all of the mouldings. The old render was removed. This was then replaced with a lime render. The flat work was marked out to represent stonework. This was also done to the mouldings which were run in-situ. Finally a new lead roof was installed along with a new rainwater outlet.

Portico, Lime plaster, Lime mouldings



External Lime Mouldings, Water damage
External Lime Mouldings
External Lime Mouldings, Water damage, 12

Material: Natural hydraulic lime and sand mortar with hair reinforcement

External Lime Mouldings, 03

Lime render and moulding repairs. Warwickshire

With this set of chimneys most of the render had failed and a large number of the bricks underneath had perished. The failed render was first removed then the damaged bricks were chopped out and replaced. All the render was then made good to match the original

External Lime Mouldings 05
External Lime Mouldings, Water damage, 08

Material: Natural hydraulic lime and sand mortar with hair reinforcement